Aragog is an Acromantula, a uncommon large spider whose venom may be very helpful in potions. He was raised by Rubeus Hagrid and may be very loyal to him. He regards all different people as prey. We first see him in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and techniques.

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Chamber of Secrets and techniques[edit | edit source]

Within the reminiscence proven to Harry by Riddle’s diary, we see Hagrid caring for a big, furry creature within the dungeons. Harry guesses that the furry creature is the monster within the Chamber, and that Hagrid had been expelled for releasing it. Ron and Harry are unable to question Hagrid about this, nevertheless, as he’s arrested shortly after they attain his hut. As he’s leaving, he tells the boys that they need to “comply with the spiders.”

The spiders lead Ron and Harry into the Forbidden Forest, the place they’re captured by Aragog’s youngsters and brought to Aragog. He says that he was by no means the monster within the Chamber, and was by no means close to the lavatory the place the lady was killed by the monster. He refuses to call the monster, apparently it’s so feared by spiders that they can’t even title it. Lastly, he says that he can’t cease his youngsters from consuming the “pals of Hagrid”. Harry and Ron are carried to security by Mr. Weasley’s flying automobile, largely feral and nonetheless wandering the Forest.

Half-Blood Prince[edit | edit source]

Firstly of the e book we study from Hagrid that Aragog may be very in poor health. In direction of the tip he dies and his funeral is an important occasion within the e book.

Pushed by his greed (Acromantula venom may be very costly), Professor Slughorn permits himself to converse with Harry for an prolonged interval within the presence of mead. Thus Harry is ready to persuade Slughorn to give up his reminiscence of Tom Marvolo Riddle, which is essential to an understanding of Lord Voldemort’s plans.

Deathly Hallows[edit | edit source]

Aragog is talked about in passing over the last Battle at Hogwarts when one among his descendants bursts by a gap within the fort wall. A lot of his descendants are additionally talked about as apparently carrying off Hagrid, and Lord Voldemort is talked about as having arrange camp within the Forbidden Forest the place Aragog and his household had as soon as been.

Loyalty, and because the patriarch of your complete neighborhood apparently has some restricted skill to maintain his household in verify.

Aragog appears to tend to eat every part round; this will not be a weak spot, however is certain to have an effect on his relationships with non-spiders. He’s afraid of sure creatures and unwilling to even title them.

Relationships with Different Characters[edit | edit source]

Aragog reveres Hagrid because the one who reared him, discovered him a house and a spouse, and guarded him in his youth from these like Riddle who would kill him. He controls his brood principally by pressure of persona, however his management is fading as he ages. Whereas he’s keen to talk with “pals of Hagrid”, he doesn’t imagine he has the power to guard them from his offspring.

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Intermediate warning: Particulars comply with which you’ll not want to learn at your present stage.

In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and techniques we study that Voldemort, or as he was then recognized Tom Riddle, had framed Hagrid and Aragog for a homicide they didn’t commit. In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, by Aragog’s demise and Hagrid’s grief, Harry obtained a chunk of knowledge that’s very important for the battle towards Voldemort. This might appear to be one other instance of J.Ok. Rowling’s love of symmetry.

Aragog’s being unwilling to call the Basilisk may need been a clue to its nature, however this proves pointless; Hermione had already decided the character of the monster from the opposite clues, and it is just her being Petrified that has prevented her from revealing this to us. What’s revealed is that the monster had killed a woman in a rest room, and Harry places these items collectively to give you Moaning Myrtle, and the chance that the doorway to the Chamber is in her lavatory.