Identify a number of stargazers of the Bible.[edit]

  • Adam and Eve (Training, web page 21)
  • Abraham (Genesis 15:5)
  • Joseph (Training, web page 52)
  • Jesus (SDA Commentary, Quantity 5, web page 1117)
  • Moses (Patriarchs & Prophets, web page 475)
  • Sensible Males (Matthew 2:2)

Determine one planet, two stars, and three constellations within the sky at night time and provides their right names.[edit]

Solar sys.jpg

Exit at night time to look at the sky and draw an image of the planet, stars and the constellations you noticed. When doable go to a planetarium.

Make a constellation peep field.[edit]

Discover the entire directions at Shoe Field Planetarium Undertaking


  • shoe field
  • black development paper
  • compass or sharp level
  • scissors
  • penny
  • ruler
  • star maps, books, or analysis hyperlinks
  • everlasting marker
  • tracing paper (optionally available)
  • white crayon, whiteout, or gel pen
  • index playing cards
  • tape


Analysis your constellation and write the next info neatly on a Three x 5 index card in black ink (chances are you’ll sort the data in the event you select).

  • Identify of Constellation
  • # of stars
  • Season greatest considered
  • Identify 3-Four constellations that border yours
  • Coordinates in levels and hours
  • Brightest star(s) Identify and Magnitude
  • Particular options present in your constellations (ex. galaxies, nebulae, meteor showers, and many others…)
  • Inside shoebox lid:
  • Write your identify on the prime of 1 finish in everlasting marker.
  • Beneath your identify, place an image of your constellation that exhibits the celebs related.
  • Place an image of the mythological determine in your constellation.
  • Glue the index card along with your info beneath these 2 footage.
  • Place lid on field.

Shoe field backside directions:

  • Place your identify on the surface backside of the shoebox utilizing a everlasting marker.
  • Utilizing your ruler, discover the middle of 1 finish of a shoebox.
  • Place a penny within the heart and hint it. This can be your viewer.
  • Utilizing a scissor, fastidiously bore out the cardboard in order that the view gap is the scale of the traced penny.
  • Place the lid on the shoebox.
  • On the other finish, draw a line the place the lid meets the facet. Take lid off.
  • Utilizing your ruler, mark 2 cm from the underside, and a couple of cm from all sides.
  • Lower out the rectangle
  • Lower your black development paper so that it’s going to cowl the oblong opening.
  • Use tracing paper to repeat your constellation after which place it on prime of the black paper. Poke holes by means of the tracing paper and black paper.
  • Make bigger holes for brighter stars and smaller holes for dimmer stars.
  • Place the black paper contained in the field to cowl the oblong opening. Make sure that the constellation is going through you, not the surface of the field.
  • Tape paper to field.

Exterior of Shoe Field

Have college students herald shoeboxes and let them spend a couple of minutes every day viewing the completely different packing containers and guessing what constellation it’s. To verify, they’ll open the field and look contained in the lid to see in the event that they have been proper in addition to verify information about their constellation.

Clarify the distinction between a planet and a star.[edit]

A star is a single physique, such because the North Star. A constellation is a bunch of stars, such because the Huge Dipper. Among the brightest stars are Polaris, Castor, Regulus, Deneb, Altair, Rigel, Capella, and Vega. Orion, Leo, Libra, Lyra, Virgo, Taurus, Ursa Main, Ursa Minor, and Canis Main and Minor are a number of of the constellations. Select a number of of every, finding ones which are best to search out and establish in your space throughout the time of yr you take the category.

Observe planets and stars within the night time sky.[edit]

Observe two of the next and make a crayon resist[edit]

Crayon Resist

Make an image with wax crayons on a
sturdy piece of paper. Depart some elements
of the image uncolored. Paint over the
image with tempera paints or water
colour. (Use black or darkish blue for the
night time sky.) The paint won’t keep on with
the crayoned a part of the image solely to
the clean paper, so the image will
stand out clearly towards the painted

Discover three texts within the Bible that discuss with the heavens.[edit]

Genesis 1:16 (NIV)
God made two nice lights—the higher gentle to manipulate the day and the lesser gentle to manipulate the night time. He additionally made the celebs..
Deuteronomy 10:22 (NIV)
Your ancestors who went down into Egypt have been seventy in all, and now the Lord your God has made you as quite a few as the celebs within the sky.
Isaiah 13:10 (NIV)
The celebrities of heaven and their constellations won’t present their gentle. The rising solar can be darkened and the moon won’t give its gentle..

Inside Sources[edit]

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Exterior Sources[edit]

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